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 TAC Advantage


TAC Industries, a nonprofit corporation, is a unique human services agency and business which values quality, diversity and performance. Our vision is to provide a wide range of opportunities to maximize human potential for persons striving for independence and self-sufficiency. We embrace collaboration, effective resource management and innovative approaches to achieve world-class excellence.

Flexible Person-Centered Services, Licensed Nursing Services, Job Training Programs, After Hour Activities, Travel Opportunities, Daily Recreational Activities, Functional Academic Classes, Retirement Enrichment, Community & Facility Based Employment Opportunities

Motivated Work Force, Quality Work On Budget & On Time, Responsive to Customer Needs, Engineering Support, Procurement Services, Inventory Control, Cost Effective Manufacturing Solutions, Quality Standards Based on the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

24/7 Dedicated Maintenance Support, Affordable Rent, Home Choice and Modifications, Adaptation to Tenant Needs, Independent Living Opportunities

CFC Code 29016

CFC Code 29016

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