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TAC Enterprises can offer your company completed products and a motivated work force at a reasonable cost.

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How Can TAC Help You?

TAC Enterprises’ services are designed to assist you in choosing and achieving a life of increasing capabilities so you can live, work and spend leisure time in the community.

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Mission Statement

The Abilities Connection employs, connects and cares for people with disabilities in the community setting of their choice.

The Abilities Connection

TAC Enterprises is a contracted agent to the Developmental Disabilities of Clark County Board.

Our broad range of services and opportunities include vocational, educational and recreational services together with employment training and jobs. Meeting each individual’s preferences and consistently exceeding expectations is our commitment to all.

Our community and business partnerships enable people with disabilities to contribute to society through meaningful employment and increased independence, self-confidence, and dignity.

Our customers know that TAC Enterprises will exceed expectations and provide high-quality performance whether providing habilitation, vocational, and housing programs or internationally competitive products and services.

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CFC Code 29016

CFC Code 29016