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Supporting the Mission of Clark County Developmental Disabilities

In recent decades the support of persons with developmental disabilities has seen a major transformation. Unlike the prior years of institutionalizing those that show a cognitive deficit, the modern model focuses on the individual’s capabilities. The new philosophy places importance on what you can do instead of what you can’t do as well as others. Starting from this simple truth, the profession has taken a second look at the people in their care. The result has been a dramatic shift from institutional care to a community-based experience that promotes the maximum independence of each individual.

The Housing Connection Inc.: An Independent Non-Profit Corporation

The primary focus of the Developmental Disabilities of Clark County Board is people and their care; the primary focus of the Housing Connection board is real estate and its efficient management. Experience has shown that the most effective model for these two distinct but related tasks is that of two independent but closely linked organizations. As a result, there are two separate Boards, united by the mission of serving persons with developmental disabilities and their families. Formal interrelationships are worth noting:

• HOUSING CONNECTION receives partial funding each year from the Developmental Disabilities of Clark County Board
• HOUSING CONNECTION has board members that have served on the Developmental Disabilities of Clark County Board
• HOUSING CONNECTION administration is provided by staff of TAC Enterprises, a contract agency of the Developmental Disabilities of Clark County Board

Disabilities of Clark County Board

What does this organizational structure mean? The citizens of Clark County can be confident that their tax dollars support a community-based developmental disability service that combines compassion with stewardship grounded in professional management practices.


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Housing Connection
Executive Director: Robin L. Short
Office: 937-525-7474

Housing Connection
Housing Coordinator: Marissa Thornsberry
Office: 937-525-7472

Community Living Services
Director: Shannon Chatfield
Office: 937-328-2683


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