What is TAC - The Abilities Connection?

TAC – The Abilities Connection is a non-profit service provider with a long history of cutting edge programs and innovative approaches to creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities. TAC has been a recognized leader in providing adult day services, vocational services (which include skills training and employment support), and transportation services for more than sixty-five years.

What is TAC Academy?

TAC Academy is a service designed to develop and enhance an individual’s employability skills and promote increased community presence, participation, and community connections. TAC Academy’s curriculum provides opportunities for individuals to learn practical employability skills that are the foundation for developing relationships and sustaining employment.

TAC Academy is currently being offered virtually, with video conference classes. TAC Academy offers small class sizes (maximum of four participants per class) to ensure individualized attention. TAC Academy can be accessed by any individual receiving Adult Day Services.

Each class lasts for 45 minutes. Individuals can choose to enroll in each class offered for a particular course, or enroll in only the classes that meet their personal needs or interests.


*Special thanks to the Disability Foundation for their support of TAC Academy.


Each course has a variety of classes offered. Participants may choose to take whichever classes best fit their preferences and needs.



Knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, as well as advocating for yourself are essential to building the life you want. This course focuses on participants knowing themselves inside and out. We will examine and assess learning style, personality, communication style and strengths. Examining these aspects will not only allow participants to gain confidence and advocate for themselves but will also enhance their chances of succeeding in the future.


Communicate & Connect

Communication is essential in getting what you want and succeeding in life. This course teaches participants to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate ways to communicate that allow them to achieve goals and feel more comfortable in social situations. Participants will focus on working and living with others in ways that promote growth and success.


Job Readiness

When hiring new employees, there are several essential employability skills every employer is looking for. Being able to focus, take initiative, show enthusiasm, problem solve, and stay organized are all soft skills participants will practice throughout this course. Having a firm foundation in these areas will give participants the leading edge when searching for jobs.


Work Policies

Every employer has specific expectations of their employees. The classes in this course identify those expectations and stress the importance of following them to attain success in your career. Participants will learn the importance of attendance, dress, hygiene, bullying, and appropriate behavior in the workplace.


Career Discovery

Through the classes in this course, participants will have the opportunity to study their individual likes/dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses as they complete activities to identify careers of interest. Here they will learn how to apply for a job, develop a resume, and practice interviewing skills. Participants will also learn the importance of goal setting in regards to their future success and being to develop their own.


Community Resources / Membership

Whether participants want to work, raise a family, go to school, or volunteer, they are a part of a larger community. This means having to interact with all types of people and adapting to different situations and circumstances. In this course, participants will learn their place in their community through lessons on finding resources, transportation, safety, and utilizing technology.


TAC Academy Instructor

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TAC Academy Instructor

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TAC Academy Instructor

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All individuals receiving Adult Day Services can enroll in the TAC Academy. To enroll, individuals should contact their SSA to fill out a referral form.