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At TAC – The Abilities Connection we create opportunities that foster independence, provide diverse experiences, and build self-confidence, while treating everyone with dignity.

Our People & Their Experiences

We are unique in that we provide both products and services, both internally and externally. We are Clark County’s leading provider of service to people with disabilities. Over 200 people come to TAC for meaningful training and employment, a connection to community, and daily care. Our people take pride in their work. We provide valuable services to a number of local businesses. For example, we do part setting for Parker-Trutec, product packaging for Xylem, and frame construction for Rittal.

We are the sole-source supplier of cargo nets to the United States Air Force. The repair of those nets that have been out in the field is also a big part of our business. We have a hydroponic greenhouse where we grow lettuce and herbs for our quick-service salad restaurant, Fresh Abiliites.

We also care for individuals who cannot or do not want to participate in employment. Some of the people who come to TAC daily prefer to participate in the recreational, educational, and art activities we offer. Some simply receive daily care.

Meaningful work, life-enhancing community integration, and the best of care enable people with disabilities to realize their important place in our community. Our people: that’s why we’re here.

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Fresh Abilities

We are pleased to announce our new restaurant “Fresh Abilities – Salads Inspired by Porttion” will be opening in 2020 within COhatch.

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Community Integration

We fully support our individuals in developing competence and self-advocacy, acquiring new skills, and enjoyment of leisure activities.

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The Arts

Art plays an important part in the lives of the people we serve, and we encourage recreation and expression via art in a number of ways.

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