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PAES® – Practical Assessment Exploration System – is a transition assessment of employment potential for students with disabilities or other barriers that may prevent them from obtaining employment after they transition out of high school. PAES® is validated to predict employment potential in the future and can help to identify employment skills a student has or may need to develop to succeed in future employment.

The PAES® lab is designed to mimic real workplace settings, with the instructors’ becoming supervisors and students becoming employees. Students will explore jobs in five areas such as business/marketing, service, production, construction/industrial, and computer technology.

Students can benefit from the PAES® lab in a multitude of ways, such as being immersed in an experience that mimics a workplace setting, they are provided with many opportunities to gain soft work skills, and students are able to explore various career paths within the available components & vocational assessment.

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PAES® helps and assesses students in 6 ways:

  1. Build basic, generalizable vocational and life skills that relate to most careers.
  2. Practice skills needed for vocational training, placement and independent living.
  3. Provides the foundation basics for school-to-work transition plans.
  4. Provides students with real knowledge that is relevant to their lives, encourages them to become independent problem solvers, and develop higher order thinking skills.
  5. Explore 5 job tracks with 8-10 job units at 6 levels of difficulty through hands-on experience providing real and meaningful career information and knowledge of what they can do.
  6. Assesses and trains proper work behaviors, eliminating many barriers to successful job placement.


The PAES® lab is available to students as young as 14 years-old and requires 60 – 80 hours to complete a comprehensive assessment, which is customizable to each student.

For more information PAES® lab program, contact Kevin Spriggs, Executive Manager of Habilitation.

Phone: (937) 525-7487 | E-mail:


The Abilities Connection was selected by Quest Inc. to manage and provide instruction for  PAES® lab. Through a partnership with Clark State College, the lab will is hosted at Clark State College’s main campus in Springfield, Ohio.

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