Since beginning cargo net production in 2005, TAC employees have hand-crafted over one million cargo nets for the United States Air Force.


Our employees take pride in manufacturing cargo nets that secure the shipments vital to our military located throughout the globe. When a load of supplies, equipment, or humanitarian aid needs to travel around the world via U.S. Air Force cargo plane, TAC cargo nets secure those important loads.


If your company is interested in learning more about our commercial cargo nets, please contact us.

Product Information:

  • Top Net: NSN 1670-00-969-4103, HCU-15C
  • Side Net: NSN 1670-00-996-2780, HCU-7E
  • Low Profile Side Net: NSN 1670-01-603-0034, HCU-7A/E
  • Aircrafts: Our nets are used on the C-5, C-17, C-27, CH-47, C-9 & C-130.

TAC cargo nets are used in the 463L pallet system. 

Screenshot 2021-05-05 115453
Orange Net for Secure Fastening Heavy Cargo
Yellow nylon soft lifting slings stacked in piles. Warehouse of finished products for industrial enterprises

Cargo Net Repair

TAC began its relationship with the United States Air Force in 1984 when employees began repairing cargo nets. Nearly 40 years later, TAC still receives cargo nets that have traveled all over the world then back to TAC to be refurbished.


The repair process begins when employees sort and evaluate incoming used nets. Those damaged beyond repair are scrapped after salvaging hooks and hardware that may be recycled. Cargo nets deemed repairable are fixed, then thoroughly inspected. Our 26 point inspection process seeks faulty hardware, faded or damaged webbing, and damaged sew points.


TAC repairs thousands of nets every year and saves the U.S. Air Force hundreds of thousands of dollars by repairing cargo nets.